An Instant Pot is a great kitchen appliance that allows owners to complete various cooking tasks in one small space. The Instant Pot allows cooks to sautee, broil, grill, steam, and slow cook their food. Since it’s so versatile, you might wonder can you heat the Instant Pot inner pot on a stove?

You cannot heat the inner pot of an Instant Pot on the stove. The inner pot of the Instant Pot is made out of a thin metal specifically designed to heat evenly above the element within the Instant Pot. If the inner pot touches direct heat from a glass or gas top stove, it can permanently ruin it.

Now that you know that you cannot heat your Inner Pot on the stove, you may wonder what other limitations your inner pot has. Additionally, you might wonder how to reheat food in the Instant Pot. Keep reading to find out how to use the inner pot properly and reheat your meal with the Instant Pot.

What Can and Can’t you do With the Inner Pot?

The Instant Pot is a sturdy appliance. Since it is so sturdy, trying to do things with the Instant Pot you would otherwise avoid with other similar appliances can be tempting. 

The best results from an Instant Pot occur when the Instant Pot and its inner pot are used according to the instructions included within the packaging. If you’ve already damaged your inner pot, don’t worry, you can easily replace it.

Below are some things you can and cannot do with the Instant Pot inner pot. 

Dishwashing the Inner Pot

Knowing that heat can be a problem with the inner pot will help keep it from getting ruined. This may lead you to connect the pieces that the dishwasher can get hot when it sanitizes and cleans dishes. You can even use your Instant Pot as a sanitizer.

Instant Pot kept this in mind when they created the inner pot of its appliance. The Inner Pot is dishwasher safe. Here is the best way to prep it for washing:

  1. Let the Instant Pot Inner Pot cool down after the meal.
  2. Take the cooled inner pot, and rinse it out in the sink.
  3. Scrape out any stuck pieces.
  4. Place the inner pot on the bottom rack.
  5. Remove the seal; just the metal pot should go in.
  6. Start the dishwasher.

After the cycle, the inner pot can be put back into the Instant Pot. It handles the dishwashing cycle just like any other pot or pan in your kitchen. This means it will not be warped as it will be warmed evenly throughout the clearing process.

Inner Pot Inside The Oven

Another question many new Instant Pot owners have is whether they can use their Instant Pot’s inner pot inside an oven and bake with it. 

The inner pot that comes with the Instant Pot should not be placed inside an oven as it is not ovenproof. The metal of the inner pot can warp or melt, rendering it useless.

You can buy inner pots that are compatible with oven use. These inner pots are typically three-ply and layered to sustain high temperatures in an oven. This makes it so you can keep food warm or finish it in the oven.

However, it is important to note that these inner pots may not work as well when used within the Instant Pot. This is because they are not made for Instant Pot by Instant Pot which means they do not reach the exact standards and specifications.

Reheat a Meal Inside the Instant Pot 

Now that you realize you cannot just put the inner pot in the oven to heat your food, you may be left wondering how to heat leftovers made in the Instant Pot. There are three different ways to use the Instant Pot to heat your leftovers that do not involve putting the inner pot inside an oven or microwave.


Take the Instant Pot full of leftovers and add a little water or broth if the leftovers are stuck to each other. Turn on the statue function and begin the warm-up process. Be sure to mix the food regularly to ensure it heats evenly.

You’ll also want to use enough liquid to prevent your food from sticking to the bottom.

Slow Cook

This method does not require any additional water or liquid. All you need to do is put the food in the Instant Pot, turn the setting to slow cook and keep an eye on it. It usually takes 2-4 hours to reheat, depending on the temperature and amount of food.


If you want to use a heat-safe container and heat the food you have already stored, you can use the Instant Pot instead of a microwave. Simply add about two cups of water to the instant pot inner pot, place the trivet insert in, and then put the food container on the trivet. Watch and wait as the food warms up.

An Inner Pot Innovation

The inner pot within the Instant Pot is a fantastic tool. It makes it easy to broil, saute, slow cook, steam, or pressure cook any food you can think of. This extremely convenient device can be used for a wide array of recipes. Although you cannot use the inner pot on a stovetop, there are many other options for utilizing the Instant Pot.