Etekcity digital kitchen scales are a marvelous piece of equipment to have in any kitchen. How do you calibrate an Etekcity digital scale to ensure accuracy?

Calibrating your Etekcity Digital Scale can be done in five simple steps: powering it on, placing it correctly, ensuring that the scale displays zero, and monitoring the display for signs of success.

Read on to learn how to calibrate your Etekcity Digital Scale in five easy steps, ensuring that you get an accurate weight reading when using the scale!

Make Sure Your Scale has Batteries and can be Turned on 

The Etekcity Digital Scale is battery-powered and requires two triple A (AAA) batteries to function. The battery compartment is located on the bottom of the scale. 

The Etekcity Digital Scale’s batteries should be replaced when the display reads “Lo,” and the scale should be recalibrated each time you change the scale’s batteries.

Once the batteries are installed correctly, the scale’s display should light up when any pressure is placed on it.

When replacing the batteries in the scale, make sure they are all new to avoid having to replace all batteries sooner than necessary! 

Place the Scale on a Hard, Flat Surface 

The best place to calibrate your scale is on a hard surface, such as your kitchen countertop or a table. 

Delicate items, such as a dish towel or pot holder, placed on the counter or table but under the scale may cause the Etekcity Digital Scale to calibrate incorrectly.

As a best practice, you should also only use the scale only on hard surfaces after it is calibrated, which will ensure the surface is steady and doesn’t need to be recalibrated due to instability.

This will also help to ensure that your weight measurements are accurate once the scale is calibrated and you are using it to weigh food.

Press the On/Off Button

Turn on the Etekcity Digital Scale by pressing the on/off button on the left-hand side of the display next to the LCD screen. 

When the scale is on, the LCD will light up, and the number on the display will show as zero.

Place a Container on the Scale

This scale should now display zero. If it does not automatically display, gently press the “Z/T” button. 

If you use a container, such as a bowl or a measuring cup, to hold the item you will be measuring, place it in the middle of the scale only when it displays zero. 

Never place the measuring container when you do not see zero on the display, or the calibration will not be correct.

Once correctly placed, the scale should display the container’s weight. If you want to exclude the container from the weight measurement, press the “Z/T” button to return to zero.

After pressing the Z/T button and seeing the scale return to zero, your scale is calibrated, and you can measure food!

You will need to recalibrate the scale to the container’s weight with each use. If you do not, it will count the container along with the food, and the scale’s reading will be inaccurate.

How to Know That Calibration is Successful

You will know that calibration is successful when you see a zero displayed on the scale if a bowl is placed on the scale’s surface.

If you want to check the calibration, you can always place an item with a known weight, such as a hand weight, into the container on the scale. 

Always be mindful of the scale’s weight limit when testing it or measuring food. Etekcity Digital scales have a limit of 11 pounds

If you cannot calibrate the scale using the steps above or verify that the calibration results are correct, contact Etekciticy customer support for further guidance. 

When the Etekcity Digital Scale Should be Calibrated

The Etekcity Digital Scale should be calibrated periodically to ensure its continued accuracy. Here are a few reasons that should help you know when your scale should be calibrated:

  • If you move the Etekcity Digital Scale to a new location 
  • If the Etekcity Digital Scale has been flipped on its side or upside-down
  • If you notice the letters “Err” on the scale. 
  • When you change the batteries in the scale
  • If your scale is used at least once daily, you should calibrate your scale often, at least once per month. If it is used less frequently, you can calibrate it every few months
  • If your Etekcity Digital Scale shows a number other than zero when nothing has been placed on it
  • If you place something with a known weight, such as a hand weight, on the scale and it registers something markedly different than the item’s weight
  • If you notice constant and remarkable fluctuations in the weight that is shown on the Etekcity Digital Scale’s display, with no discernible reason


Calibrating your Etekcity Digital Scale is a fast process that will ensure that users can track their weight and ensure that this important part of health monitoring is accurate!