Sondiko butane torches are a high quality, useful asset in multiple situations. They add functionality in both the kitchen, in the outdoor world and in so many more places. However, nothing is more frustrating than a butane torch that won’t turn on. But why don’t butane torches sometimes turn on?

Some common reasons why a Sondiko Butane Torch won’t turn on are:

  • An empty butane lighter tank
  • A too high or too low fuel adjustment
  • A dirty lighter end
  • Clogged burners
  • Trapped air in the fuel lines

If you’re interested in learning more about why your Sondiko butane torch isn’t working properly, you’ve come to the right place! Below you’ll find reasons why your Sondiko might not be working and reasons on how you may be able to fix a malfunctioning butane torch. Read on to learn more about taking care of your Sondiko butane torch.

Reasons Why Your Sondiko Butane Torch Won’t Turn Work

It can be frustrating to pull out your Sondiko butane torch and get ready to light the grill for a family barbecue or roast some marshmallows only to find that it’s not functioning properly. Luckily usually the reasons why your butane torch isn’t working properly are simple to figure out. 

Let’s go over each reason in more detail below.

The Lighter Tank of Your Sondiko Torch Is Empty

Due to safety transportation laws, in some places a butane torch has to be sent to the store they are being sold at empty, meaning your brand new torch isn’t broken, just empty! So all you have to do is fill it. However, you want to make sure you are filling a butane torch with high quality butane or it still won’t work. 

Here are some tips on properly filling a butane torch such as the Sondiko brand one:

  • Buy high pressure butane
  • Buy ‘Pure’ butane
  • Wait five minutes after filling the butane torch, sometimes the gas won’t work right away if the torch is too hot

Now, let’s take a look at the next reason why your Sondiko butane torch isn’t working.

Adjusting the Fuel Adjustment of Your Sondiko Torch

Most torches have a ring made out of rubber around the lower part of the air inlet, usually marked with a + or – sign. 

Adjust the ring towards the plus sign to open the air inlet, or towards the minus sign to close it. Adjusting the air inlet valve will change how much gas is sprayed out. Too little gas or too much can affect your torch’s ability to function properly. 

Cleaning the Lighter End of Your Sondiko Torch

A butane torch is usually exposed to all manner of dirt, whether its actual dirt or charcoal outside or grease and dry goods in a kitchen, one simple solution to a malfunctioning butane torch is  cleaning the lighter end. 

Cleaning a lighter end is simple and can be done by spraying the lighter end with a can of compressed air. 

Unclogging a Sondiko Butane Torch’s Burners

Anything from impure butane to lint from your pockets can clog Sondiko torches burners. Clogged butane torch burners lead to a malfunctioning torch. 

Follow these steps to clean a butane torches burners:

  1. Lower the flame of the lighter 
  2. Use canned air to spray any debris from the combustion chamber where the burners are located

Now, let’s take a look at how to release trapped air in the fuel line of a Sondiko torch.

Releasing Trapped Air in a Sondiko Torch Fuel Line

There are usually other gasses remaining in a fuel line of a butane torch after the butane gas of the lighter is used up. Firstly you want to release the air inside a torch before you refill the butane gas. 

Use a matchstick or some other small, pointed tool to release the air from the butane valve, usually found on the bottom of a torch.

Buying a Brand New Sondiko Butane Torch

If for any reason your Sondiko Butane Torch still isn’t working, sometimes the only solution is to sadly purchase a brand new one. Luckily it’s a quick and easy process to do so! Many sellers carry this specific brand of butane torch among other essential items to keep your butane torch clean and running properly. 

You can find a new Sondiko butane torch on Amazon by clicking this link.


Sondiko butane torches are used for everything from lighting cigars to caramelizing sugar on top of a delicious dessert in the kitchen to lighting a fire during a camping trip. . 

We hope this information was very helpful! Finding a broken or malfunctioning butane torch you had plans to use can be very frustrating, but with the above solutions we’re sure your Sondiko butane torch will be up and running in no time!