A Frigidaire ice maker fits on your countertop and can make ice in a matter of minutes with minimal effort. However, plain old ice made with water is flavorless and boring. Flavored ice is a great way to flavor your drink so you can stay hydrated! But is a Frigidaire ice maker able to make flavored ice as well?

Not only does a Frigidaire ice maker turn drinking water into crystal-clear cubes but it can also be used to make flavored ice too. Almost any liquid can be transformed into flavored ice, from herbal infusions to coffee, as long as it is not too sugary and does not contain solids.

Before you start pouring various concoctions into your Frigidaire ice maker, there are a few things you need to know, so keep reading. You will learn some different flavors you can make your ice, and some you shouldn’t put in your machine.

Can You Make Flavored Ice In a Frigidaire Ice Maker? Here’s How!

A Frigidaire ice maker turns the task of making ice into a simple two-step process: (1) pouring water into the reservoir and (2) pressing a button. 

Within a matter of 7 to 15 minutes, ordinary drinking water can be transformed into crystal-clear cubes.

And with a little creativity, you can use your Frigidaire ice maker to create flavored ice to take your chilled drinks to the next level. 

What types of ice creations can you make with this versatile countertop appliance? 

Water infused with fruit or herbs can make the best flavored ice and here are a few ideas to get you started:

  • Fruit-infused waters, including strawberries and any type of citrus fruit
  • Cucumber water makes delicious flavored ice
  • Fresh herbs like mint or basil can take any infused water to the next level of flavor
  • Water infused with apple slices can produce flavorful ice with a clean and refreshing flavor
  • For an extra burst of flavor to your flavored ice, try adding fresh ginger, a vanilla pod, or even a stick of cinnamon

Simply prepare the infused water of choice, pour it into the reservoir of your Frigidaire ice maker, and let the machine take care of the rest. Brewed coffee or tea can also be used to make flavored ice but they must be completely cooled down first.

Liquids to Avoid Using In Your Frigidaire Ice Maker

While a Frigidaire ice maker is versatile enough to make a variety of flavored ices, there are limitations on the types of liquids you can put into this appliance. 

This is primarily due to the fact that portable ice makers work by pumping or siphoning water from the reservoir into the tray where the evaporator freezes the liquid into ice. 

Once the cubes are formed, they are released into a storage bin.

Liquids that are very sugary or sticky like orange juice could pose problems by sticking to various surfaces inside your ice maker.

Don’t Add Solids to Your Liquids

Another thing to avoid is using anything that contains solids (e.g., small bits of fruit or herbs) as these can potentially clog the components that are responsible for transferring liquid from the reservoir to the ice tray.

How to Clean a Frigidaire Ice Maker

If you use a Frigidaire ice maker to make flavored ice cubes, it is imperative that you perform regular cleanings of your machine to ensure optimal performance. 

This is particularly important if you pour sugary or sticky liquids into the reservoir as these substances can gum up moving parts and clog the pumping mechanism.

Follow these steps to clean a Frigidaire ice maker:

  1. Before you start cleaning your machine, turn it off, unplug it, and allow it to come up to room temperature
  2. Thoroughly drain the ice maker by removing the drain plug
  3. Prepare a solution of warm water mixed with vinegar and using a clean washcloth, carefully wipe down the inside of the machine
  4. Rinse the interior with water and allow it to drain
  5. Replace the drain plug and let your ice maker air dry

To clean the working parts of a Frigidaire ice maker, make several batches of ice using fresh drinking water. This will help to remove any traces of flavored liquid from the siphoning mechanism.


A Frigidaire ice maker is a versatile performer that is at its best when the weather starts to heat up. 

Not only does it make crystal clear ice cubes, but it can also be used to produce flavored ice that will transform ordinary beverages into refreshing treats.