If you have a Nespresso Vertuo, you have probably enjoyed the delicious drinks the machine can produce. But if the Nespresso Vertuo starts showing a red and yellow light and not making your coffee, don’t worry. 

To fix a red and yellow light on the Nespresso Vertuo, you need to cool down the machine by turning it off for 15 minutes. Then once you’ve plugged it back in and restarted it, you will still need to reset the device by pushing the coffee button 5 times quickly within 3 seconds. 

It’s important to understand that resetting a Nespresso Vertuo can require a few extra steps if the basic reset instructions don’t do the trick. Keep reading for detailed instructions on how to fix your machine!

What Do Red and Yellow Lights Mean on Nespresso Vertuo?

Before we dive into the directions on how to fix your Nespresso Vertuo if it’s not working and showing red and yellow lights, it’s essential that you understand what these lights actually mean. 

Basically, both the red and yellow lights mean the same thing: The Nespresso Vertuo has either overheated or is not running properly. 

In both cases, the machine will not be able to function and create your favorite coffee drinks until you solve the problem. 

How to Fix a Red and Yellow Light on Nespresso Vertuo

So, your Nespresso Vertuo is showing a red or yellow light and will not make any coffee. 

NOTE: Some users report that the light is actually orange. Don’t worry, they are all expressing the same message, and the instructions below should work for any color light you see on your Nespresso Vertuo. 

There are 4 different tactics you may have to take to fix the issue on the Nespresso Vertuo. And for your convenience, we have listed them in order from easiest to most time-consuming so that you can start with the first solution and work your way down the list if it’s still not working. 

  • Unplug the Machine
  • Empty and Refill the Water Tank
  • Reset It
  • Descale the Machine

Now, let’s step through each of these solutions so you can fix your Nespresso Vertuo right now! 

Unplug the Machine

As with most tech devices, the first tactic to try is always just turning it on and off again. 

Although it sounds too good to be true, unplugging your Nespresso Vertuo for 14 minutes and then plugging it back in may just fix the red and yellow light problems! 

But if it doesn’t, don’t worry; there are 4 more easy solutions to use. 

Empty and Refill the Water Tank

After unplugging the device and plugging it back in after 15 minutes, if it still shows red and yellow lights, you need to completely empty the water tank. Then, you should refill the water tank with about 900 ml of clean water. 

Ensure that you have removed any coffee capsules from the machine and run a normal cycle by pressing the coffee button. 

The clean water may have cleaned and cooled the Nespresso Vertuo. However, it’s highly likely that you will still need to follow the instructions for solution number 3 in order to properly reset it. 

Reset It

Next on the list of things to try is to actually reset the entire machine. 

Here’s what you need to do:

  • Fill the water tank with fresh water. 
  • Remove the coffee pod.
  • Leave the handle in the unlocked position. 
  • Press the coffee button 5 times consecutively within 3 seconds. 

That’s all there is to it! Realistically, your Nespresso Vertuo light should return to green and function properly once again.

Descale the Machine

Finally, you may have to actually descale your Nespresso Vertuo in order to get rid of the red and yellow lights. 

In this case, you will need to make an additional purchase as you must use a packet of Nespresso descaling solution

To successfully descale the machine, you need to first add the descaling solution to a full tank of clean water. Then, ensure the handle is in the unlocked position and hold down the coffee button for 7 seconds. 

After the descaling is complete, repeat the reset instructions listed above with clean water to rinse the machine. 

Final Thoughts

Now, you have all the information you need to fix the red and yellow light on the Nespresso Vertuo and fix it fast! 

And hopefully, you’re already back to enjoying delicious fresh coffee from the machine.