The Nespresso Vertuo is a convenient, time-saving way to brew your morning coffee. However, the Vertuo can sometimes experience technical issues that result in a blinking white light and a machine that won’t brew. 

Light ColorWhiteWhiteWhiteWhite 
Blinking Pattern Once per secondSteady blinkingPulsingTwice per second
CauseCoffee is brewingMachine is warming upMachine is overheatingMachine needs to be updated

Below, we will discuss what it could mean if your Nespresso Vertuo has a blinking white light and won’t brew coffee. Keep reading to learn how to fix different technical problems!

The Vertuo is Taking Time to Brew

If the white light on your Nespresso Vertuo is blinking once per second, it means the machine is in the process of brewing your coffee.

This is usually pretty quick, but Nespresso Vertuo machines can sometimes take an extended amount of time to brew. This can happen for several reasons, including:

Typically, it should take between 35 and 50 seconds for Nespresso Vertuo to brew a standard espresso.

If it takes more than a minute and a half for your machine to brew, check it for internal damage or clogs. 

If you believe this is happening because your machine is defective, and if your Vertuo is less than two years old, you may want to claim your Nespresso warranty.

The Machine Needs to Warm Up

If the white light on your Nespresso Vertuo is blinking steadily and then turning off, your brewer is likely warming up.

If your Nespresso Vertuo has been off or unplugged for a long period of time, it may need time to warm up before it can brew again. 

If you try to brew a cup of coffee too fast, it can lead to a blinking white light on the top of your machine.

To remedy this, leave your Nespresso Vertuo machine on for around 30 seconds, giving it time to warm up, before attempting to make a cup of coffee again. 

The Machine is Overheated

When the white light on your Nespresso Vertuo machine is pulsing, or lighting up fully then turning off, your machine may be overheated.

Using your Nespresso Vertuo too often can cause it to overheat. Overheating can impair the machine’s ability to properly brew coffee, causing the white light to blink.

To remedy this, disconnect your Nespresso Vertuo from the outlet and give it time to cool down. Then, plug it back in after about 20 minutes.

Your Nespresso Vertuo Needs a Software Update

If your Nespresso Vertuo’s white light is blinking twice per second, It means your machine’s software needs to be updated.

The Nespresso Vertuo uses advanced software, which occasionally needs to be updated. When your Vertuo is updating its software, it cannot brew coffee. 

You can check if your Nespresso Vertuo software needs to be updated and manually perform updates through the Nespresso app.

When this happens, you must wait until the updates are completed before trying to brew coffee.

If your Nespresso Vertuo is working properly, it should update its software overnight. 

However, if your Nespresso Vertuo is having issues updating its software on time, there are some things you can do to make sure your Nespresso Vertuo machine will update correctly:

  • Connect your Nespresso Vertuo to WiFi
  • Make sure your brewer is plugged into an outlet
  • Pair your Nespresso Vertuo with the Nespresso app

If your Nespresso Vertuo still does not update its software after taking all of these steps, contact Nespresso’s customer service.

Contact Nespresso Support

Like all machines, Nespresso Vertuo brewers can occasionally experience problems or complications.

A blinking white light and a machine that won’t brew coffee is usually easy to fix. 

However, if you try all the fixes listed above and still cannot resolve the issue, contact Nespresso customer service by phone or email. 

If your machine is still under warranty, you should be able to get it repaired or replaced for free.

In Conclusion 

The Nespresso Vertuo is a convenient, time-efficient way to brew your morning coffee. 

However, Nespresso Vertuo can sometimes have technical problems that result in it being unable to brew coffee.

If your Vertuo is blinking a white light and won’t brew coffee, look at the blinking sequences and see if you can solve the problem.

If all else fails, you can always contact customer service.