The Instant Pot is a great multifunctional cooking tool for families of all sizes. With the Instant Pot, quick, easy meals can be prepared quickly and easily through various functions, including its standard pressure cooker setting. The lid is necessary to ensure your Instant Pot can help you cook. So, why is your Instant Pot flashing “Lid?”

If the word “Lid” on the Instant Pot is flashing on the front panel, it means that there is an error with this piece of the device. There are several reasons why this error code may show.

Even though there are some times you can cook in an Instant Pot without a lid, you still need it for most circumstances. Read on to learn more about why you might receive the “Lid” error code on your Instant Pot and how to fix it!

The Instant Pot’s Lid

Every Instant Pot comes with a lid, the most essential piece of the pressure cooker device. The lid ensures a tight seal essential in many Instant Pot cooking processes.

Your Instant Pot will show the “Lid” error code to alert you to incorrect lid installation, an issue with the sealing ring, or problems with the lid components.

Keep on reading to learn why the Instant Pot keeps flashing “Lid” and how to fix it.

Electricity and the Instant Pot

If you observe the “Lid” error code on your Instant Pot, you know that it is powered on correctly and the outlet is functioning because the word “Lid” will not show if the device is unplugged. 

However, before troubleshooting your device, you should unplug it from the wall. This will help protect you from potential electric shock.

Lid Installation

If you see the “Lid” error code, you should check if your lid is installed correctly, especially if this is a new device. Once your Instant Pot is unplugged, you can detach the lid and try to close it again. Remember to twist the lid clockwise to seal the device correctly!

When the lid is closed correctly, you will see the large triangle on the right side of the lid line up with a smaller triangle on the right side of the pot.

Troubleshooting the Sealing Ring

The Instant Pot lid comes equipped with a sealing ring, which helps to ensure that the steam is contained in the device to cook your food quickly. A “Lid” error code that shows after you confirm that your device is installed correctly may indicate an issue with your sealing ring.

Before investigating the sealing ring, ensure the Instant Pot is cooled and unplugged. Once you’ve checked, you can gently remove the sealing ring from the Instant Pot to inspect it for cracks and food residue. 

Several Instant Pot models come with an extra sealing ring; you may consider using this to replace the sealing ring on the device. 

If your Instant Pot did not come with an extra sealing ring or you have already used it, you can purchase extra sealing rings quickly and easily. But before you click purchase, confirm that the ring is compatible with the size and model of your Instant Pot!

Other Lid Components to Check

If your Instant Pot lid seals correctly and the rubber seal is in good shape, it’s time to check out the other lid components. The lid has three pieces you can easily access and adjust if needed. Follow these guidelines to ensure that all three are in good working order:

The Steam Release Valve 

This is the triangular piece located next to the Float Valve. Move this back and forth towards the front and the back of the Instant Pot. If your Float Valve doesn’t move, check the Float Valve as described in the next step, as a malfunctioning Float Valve can lead to problems with the Steam Release Valve.

The Float Valve 

This should be pressed in and attached to the lid. This small button can be found on the black raised lid piece next to the Steam Release Valve. Don’t worry if you can wiggle it a little – this piece is meant to move and be removable for cleaning purposes.

If you observe that the Float Valve is stuck in the down position, this could indicate an issue with your sealing ring. Ensure there’s no food stuck in the Steam Release Valve, and it can move up and down before moving on to check the next piece. You can push the valve up from underneath the lid.

Underneath the Lid

While you have the Instant Pot lid turned upside down, check the Anti-Block Shield. This round piece with holes underneath the lid can be reset by lifting it and pressing it back into place. While this piece is off the pot, you should clean and dry it to ensure no food is stuck.

If you’ve followed these instructions but still receive a “Lid” error code, consider contacting the manufacturer. They may be able to give you further guidance or recommend replacement parts if needed. 


You may observe a Lid error on your Instant Pot for several reasons. However, by following these guidelines, you can easily troubleshoot and fix your device to get back to using the Instant Pot to prepare a delicious meal!