Vegetable choppers are convenient tools to use during food prep. When traveling by air, there are some things to take into consideration about vegetable choppers before packing.

As a general rule, vegetable choppers are allowed on airplanes or flights. They can be used in checked luggage, and with some changes even in carry-on bags. There are some safety measures to bear in mind when taking these tools, like removing the blades and wrapping the chopper for protection.

If you need to travel by air with your vegetable chopper, read on below to find out more about how to do this without experiencing security issues.

Are Vegetable Choppers Allowed on Airplanes or Flights?

When you use a vegetable chopper, you can save yourself a lot of time you would otherwise spend on food preparation.

A vegetable chopper can help with onions, carrots, celery, garlic, and many other delicious items that now won’t take you forever to prep.

Traveling with them can be a more complex process.

You can generally take your vegetable choppers on airplanes or flights, as long as you follow some specific safety measures.

These are in place to keep everyone on the flight safe, and to make sure that you can bring your items with you in the best condition.

Vegetable choppers are usually allowed in checked bags, as long as you carefully wrap the sharp parts.

If you’d rather take them in your carry-on bag, you should check with the airline.

In most cases, you will be able to take the vegetable chopper in a carry-on if you have removed its blades.

How to Take Vegetable Choppers on Airplanes or Flights

You can travel with a vegetable chopper, but it’s absolutely imperative that you follow TSA and airline guidelines when doing so.

To avoid complications regarding flying by air with vegetable choppers, follow these steps to have as smooth a journey as possible with your favorite kitchen tool.

  • Check airline rules.
  • Wrap your vegetable chopper.
  • Remove blades.

Again, the above guidelines might be different from airline to airline, so be sure to check TSA rules along with the airline you’re traveling.

Check With Your Airline

When you are booking flights, you should always check the specific airline regulations.

This will show you whether vegetable choppers are allowed on airplanes or flights. It will also state exactly how you should pack vegetable choppers to make sure they will be admitted.

Once you see what the rules are, you will be able to follow them as specified.

This will reduce the potential complications you may face while traveling with vegetable choppers.

Checked bags will require less care, while carry-on options require special instructions.

Sheathe or Wrap the Blades

When you pack the vegetable chopper before a flight, you should make sure to sheathe or wrap any blades that are sticking out.

Some vegetable chopper models will not have exposed blades once you close them, but you should always check.

This is to prevent any accidental damage happening to airport staff handling your luggage, and to keep you and your belongings safe from sharp implements.

You should always do this when you bring your vegetable chopper in your checked luggage, when the airline allows it.

Remove the Blades

After checking airline regulations, you may notice that there is an option to bring your vegetable chopper on a flight in your carry-on luggage.

In this case, you will always have to remove the blades from the vegetable chopper before packing it.

Depending on the airline, you may be allowed to wrap the blades carefully and place them into your checked luggage for the duration of the flight.

Once you arrive at your destination, you will be able to place your blades back into your vegetable chopper and enjoy it wherever you go.

Go Through Security

While airline regulations are helpful guidelines, airport security will have the final say about what will be accepted as either carry-on or checked luggage.

Even if vegetable choppers are allowed on airplanes or flights, they will have to be cleared by TSA before boarding.

To avoid as many potential risk factors as possible, you should follow the instructions above when packing your vegetable chopper before traveling.

This will go a long way in facilitating your travels with a vegetable chopper.

What Items Are Forbidden in Aircraft?

While vegetable choppers are generally allowed on airplanes or flights, you may be wondering what other items are forbidden in aircraft.

Here is a short overview of the most commonly prohibited things that can never be part of your luggage:

  • Alcoholic beverages that are over 140 proof.
  • Bang snaps and other fireworks or firecrackers.
  • Bear spray.
  • Filled or partially filled compressed gas cylinders.
  • The Samsung Galaxy Note7 continues to be fully banned on all airlines within the United States. They were thought to be at risk of explosion due to a design flaw.
  • Chemicals such as fertilizers or cleaning solutions.

Vegetable choppers are classified under items with sharp objects, which require caution when taking on airplane but are not usually outright banned.


Vegetable choppers tend to be allowed on airplanes or flights, especially when care is taken during the packing process.

You will have to check airline policies and make sure you are adhering to them, especially regarding checked and carry-on baggage.

In most cases, you will be able to travel with your vegetable chopper and enjoy its practicality wherever you are.