The rules and regulations for what is and isn’t allowed on airplanes have changed dramatically in the past two decades. Can you bring an air fryer on an airplane? How do you pack it?

You can bring an air fryer on a flight with you as long as it fits in your checked baggage and is empty. You are not allowed to bring one in your carry-on luggage. When driving, you just want the air fryer to be emptied.

Air fryers are generally safe for air and land travel. They take much less precaution than an Instant Pot, a pressure cooker that can be dangerous.

How Do You Pack An Air Fryer?

Packing an air fryer is just like packing any other device when driving, but if you are flying, a few more steps are necessary to ensure safe travel.

You want to clean out your air fryer of any food debris. You also want to make sure all the accessories are stored properly. The air fryer will also need to be available for inspection if requested. Air fryers can only travel in checked baggage. 

Airlines don’t allow electronic appliances like air fryers or Instant Pots in carry-on luggage as of the writing of this article. 

All of the contents of the air fryer secured before being placed in the basket before travel
If you don’t have the original packaging, secure your air fryer accessories and cord with twist ties.

Driving with an Air Fryer

Driving with an air fryer is as simple as cleaning out your air fryer and then securing it with the rest of your traveling belongings.

Air fryers don’t pose the same risks that something like an Instant Pot does. Instant Pots are pressure cookers and have been used as bombs in the past, but they can also be air fryers

As a result of this nefarious use of Instant Pots, the lid and pot need to travel in separate bags on airplanes as a safety precaution. Air fryers aren’t required to be dismantled.

An air fryer is great to take with you on a road trip. If you’re staying somewhere you can use it to cook small portions, like in a hotel or a dorm.

Flying with an Air Fryer

If you want to bring your air fryer with you on vacation or move via a flight, you will need to store the air fryer in your checked baggage.

A few other important caveats to safe air travel with an air fryer are listed in detail below, they are: 

  • Must be in checked baggage, not allowed in carry-ons
  • Must fit within the weight limit (50 lbs.) and the height limit (62 inches)
  • Emptied of all food residue and debris
  • Easily accessible if TSA requests an inspection
  • Make sure you are traveling with an air fryer only and not a combo appliance

Following these simple rules, you should be allowed to bring your air fryer with you on your next flight.

Checked Baggage Only

If you want to travel with your air fryer, you must store it under the plane with the other checked baggage. It can be in your personal luggage or its own box, but it must be checked.

Electronic appliances such as the air fryer are not allowed in carry-on luggage that you store above your seat in the plane’s main cabin.

Weight and Height Limit

If you decide to store the air fryer in its own package or within your luggage, it must meet both the height and weight requirements set forth by the TSA if you want to avoid extra fees.

Carry-on and Checked Luggage TSA Specifications Checklist:

  • Carry-on Weight Limit: 35 lbs.
  • Carry-on Depth Limit:10 inches
  • Carry-on Height Limit:24 inches
  • Carry-on Width Limit:16 inches
  • Checked Weight Limit: 50 lbs.
  • Checked Height Limit: 62 inches

The weight limit is 50 lbs., and the height limit is 62 inches. If the size exceeds 62 inches or the weight exceeds 50 lbs, your airline may subject you to extra weight and height fees.

Food Restrictions

Another aspect of traveling with a used air fryer that many people overlook is that some foods are not allowed in certain countries due to contamination or invasive species. 

As such, you must ensure you have cleaned your air fryer completely of any food residue or debris, so you don’t have any customs problems due to a dirty air fryer.


It is also important for, upon request, you to have access to your air fryer at a moment’s notice so that the TSA and any other security entity can gain access to all parts of the air fryer.

Security has to be able to inspect the air fryer, inside and out, at a moment’s notice. You have to be able to have access to all the separate components and accessories of your air fryer.

Air Fryer ONLY – No Combination Appliances

While an air fryer is safe for air travel, some appliances have other rules and regulations associated with being stored safely for air travel. 

As such, you must ensure your device is an air fryer ONLY and not a combination of cooking machines. 

Machines like an Instant Pot sometimes have an air fryer attachment. Instant Pots are sealed pressure chambers capable of exploding and have stricter rules for safe flights.

Be sure you have gone over the rules for your exact cooking device, and make sure you have followed the instructions for safe travel for your specific model of the device.


Traveling with an air fryer is safe as long as it is in your checked baggage. Also, you want to make sure the air fryer is clean of any food debris and accessible to airport security.