When remodeling or buying a kitchen, the big thing on everyone’s minds is “What is the best kind of countertop”? Many different types of counters run from metal, granite, and even quartz. You never really want to put hot pots and pans on your countertop. They weren’t made for that. Still, can you use an Instant Pot on a quartz countertop

You can use your Instant Pot on your quartz countertop. Your Instant Pot has safety features to help prevent heat from escaping, but you can also use buffers such as silicone to help this issue. 

Let’s explore why quartz is prone to cracking under high heat and why an Instant Pot shouldn’t crack your counters. We will also examine why it might happen and what you can do to protect your counters just in case. 

Cracking Under the Heat

Quartz is absolutely beautiful. It is something that can be resealed very easily as it gets older and the sealing fades. Quartz also doesn’t scratch easily. Now while the quartz is heat resistant up to a point, it does have a limit.

Can you put a hot pot on a Quartz Countertop?

You should feel comfortable putting a cup of coffee or tea on your counters, but watch out for putting any sort of hot pan on the counters. Under high heat, your quartz counters tend to crack. 

The highest level of heat a quartz countertop can take is about 150 degrees. If you’re using your Instant Pot on a quartz countertop, you should not place the interior pot directly on the countertop.

Your counter won’t crack right away, unless it’s super high heat, but it will start to discolor. 

Instant Pot Heat

The Instant Pot should be well insulated. It should keep the heat in the pot and not on your counters. The only thing to worry about is the hot steam coming from the valve after your cooking is done. 

The steam issue can be solved simply by ensure you are cooking in an open area, so the steam can go up and dissipate without curling back down to the counters. 

If your Instant Pot is giving off a lot of heat, there may be something wrong with the sealing of the pressure cooker. When you seal your Instant Pot, it should keep in the heat. The heat being kept on the inside is important for making sure your pressure cooker can get to the heat it needs to cook your food fast.

Ways to Protect your Counters

You can never be too safe when protecting your countertops. Putting down a pot holder is a quick way to keep the heat off your counters. But pot holders aren’t always the easiest to clean and reuse.

Silicone mats are heat resistant, flat, and easily cleaned. This is something you can wipe down when done, and they lay flat. Having your protection lay flat is the best when trying to use your gadgets, such as your Instant Pot. There are so many different kinds of silicone mats.

Silicone MatDescriptionPrice
Silicone TrivetsMultifunctionalHot padJar opener; Good sized$13.98 for a set of 2
Sliding TrayRollsGreat for storageHeat resistant, Don’t have to move your instant pot$34.99
Silicone Mat for Kitchen CounterThin; Non-stick; Non-slip; can be placed in the oven; Easy clean$17.99

Silicone mats come in so many different shapes and sizes. If you have an island, you might want to get a mat that stretches across your island. These are also great for baking and cooking, so you don’t get anything on your counters, and clean-up is super easy. 

Heat Damage

But what happens if you get heat damage on your quartz counters? This can make your counters fade and appear dull. When heat damage happens, it makes scorch marks on your counters. So how do you amend this?

If you just have scorch marks, you might be able to scrub them off with soap and water. Otherwise, try toothpaste and baking soda. Sounds weird, right? Well, the chemicals in toothpaste and baking soda should be able to treat your quartz without causing chemical damage. 

Sometimes your scorch marks might be too deep, or you may crack your counters. In that case, you will want to talk to someone about fixing the counters. It is better to get a professional to save your counters, in this case, and not try to fix your countertops yourself. 

Instant Pots and Quartz

Overall, because of the insulating nature of your Instant Pot, you shouldn’t have any issue with using it on top of your quartz counters. Quartz can handle some heat. Still, if you want to have some assurance, you can always choose a hot pad or silicone mat to protect your counters from abuse. 

So go ahead and choose those beautiful quartz counters for your kitchen. With a little care and lots of love, your quartz and Instant Pot should work harmoniously together.