An Instant Pot combines a pressure cooker and a slow cooker in one easy-to-use multicooker. Can I run an Instant Pot that uses AC power using an inverter that converts from DC power?

You can run an Instant Pot on an inverter as long as the inverter is rated high enough for the power needs of your Instant Pot. They use 700 to 1000 watts, depending on the model.

Many people using RVs or camping in their vehicles will use an inverter to convert their engine’s DC power to AC power that can charge laptops or power something like an Instant Pot.

Can You Run an Instant Pot on an Inverter?

A standard power inverter is a great tool to up your camping or survival game. The simple box comes in many different styles, and once you have used it, you will find a thousand uses for it.

Running an Instant Pot on an inverter can be done as long as you pay attention to the power needs of your Instant Pot versus the output and power of your power inverter.

Inverters are commonly attached to DC batteries. If you run an Instant Pot on an inverter, you want to ensure that it won’t deplete your battery and possibly leave you stranded.

Which Instant Pot Should I Get for My Inverter?

As of this writing, Instant Pot has eleven different models of Instant Pot. Each has its own power needs, often changing depending on the Instant Pot’s capacity and the heating element’s size.

The larger the capacity of the Instant Pot, the more power it will draw to operate. If you want to minimize the power draw of your Instant Pot on your inverter, your best bet is one of the 3-quart models.

Here is a list of the power needs of the current models of Instant Pots:

ModelCapacityPower Required (Watts)Power Required(Amps)
Lux Series v2 6 Quart1000 Watts8.33 amps
Lux Series v3 6 Quart1000 Watts8.33 amps
Duo Series 3 Quart3 Quart900 Watts7.5 amps
Duo Series 6 Quart6 Quart1000 Watts8.33 amps
Duo Series 8 Quart8 Quart1200 Watts10 amps
Duo Plus 6 Quart6 Quart1000 Watts8.33 amps
Ultra 6  Quart6 Quart1000 Watts8.33 amps
Smart 6  Quart6 Quart1000 Watts8.33 amps
Max6 Quart1000 Watts8.33 amps
Duo Nova3 Quart1200 Watts10 amps
Duo Crisp8 Quart1500 Watts12.5 amps
Pro6 Quart1200 Watts10 amps
Pro Plus6 Quart1200 Watts 10 amps
Pro Crisp8 Quart1500 Watts12.5 amps

If you are running an Instant Pot on an inverter then the obvious choice is the 3 quart model as it has the least amount of power requirements to run.

It’s also important to note that you typically don’t want to use an extension cord with your Instant Pot. If you need to use an extension cord it should be large enough to handle the power without overheating. 

More information on Instant Pots and extension cords can be found here.

What exactly is an Inverter?

Batteries use DC power, a type of electrical current. Most appliances and devices you would plug in use AC power. In order to use your Instant Pot, you will need access to AC power.

This is where the Inverter comes in handy. It will turn the DC power output of your car or RV’s batteries into a form of power that can be used by your Instant Pot. 

Power inverters come in many different shapes and sizes. Purchasing one will differ depending on your particular needs. The most common sizes are 1000, 3000, and 5000-watt inverters.

What types of devices, and how many you want to run at one time, will determine which inverter works best for you. If you want to run a 1000 watt Instant Pot, 1000 watt inverter will work, but not if you also want to run other things off the same inverter while using the Instant Pot.

Which Inverter Should I Get?

There are two main kinds of power inverters when you are looking to purchase one for an RV or camping. The higher the power rating, the more devices you can run at once.

Modified Sine Wave Power Inverter

The modified sine wave power inverter tends to be the most affordable. They are lower powered than their pure sine wave cousins but should be fine for most electronics.

Once you need to power larger appliances and large power drain devices, an upgrade to a pure sine wave power inverter may be necessary. 

A modified sine wave inverter should work fine with an instant pot.

Pure Sine Wave Power Inverter

A pure sine wave power inverter will run most, if not all, of your electronics and appliances. The power from a pure sine wave inverter is similar to the power output of your home’s wall outlet.

A pure sine wave is a way to go if you have a device that needs electricity and is a high-drain device or want to run many devices at once on a single inverter. 


If you want to run your Instant Pot on an inverter, you just need to ensure that you have a power inverter capable of handling the power draw of your particular Instant Pot without depleting your batteries.