Most appliances you purchase have an option for a warranty. However, you may be wondering if your Frigidaire countertop ice maker has a warranty or not.

If you purchase a Frigidaire countertop ice maker, you will be given an option to also purchase a warranty for a certain length of time. Most ice makers will already have a manufacturer’s warranty for the first year. However, purchasing an extended warranty can extend the protection of your appliance. 

But what is covered by these warranties and are there different warranties based on where you purchase your Frigidaire Ice Maker? All of these answers can be found by reading this article. 

Do Frigidaire Countertop Ice Makers Have a Warranty?

To see the specific guidelines of what this one-year manufacturer’s warranty covers, you should look at the owner’s manual that is with your appliance. This can help aid you in coverages and repairs that you may need.

Usually, there is a one-year warranty on your Frigidaire appliance no matter what you have bought. If you are concerned with getting more coverage than just the one year that comes with the appliance there should be other warranties available for you to purchase. 

Now, let’s see about the other warranties available for purchase below.

Extended Warranties for Frigidaire Countertop Ice Makers

If you are not fully satisfied with the manufacturer’s warranty that is already part of your appliance, you can always check for additional warranties. 

Extended warranties can last anywhere from a year to five years. However, you will have a fee and need to purchase these extended warranties for your Frigidaire countertop ice maker.  

With the purchase of a warranty, you will receive a booklet that gives you the information for your warranty. Such as how to register it, a call center, and some basic facts to get you started.  

It is important to register your appliance for warranty services. This is beneficial for seeing what appliance service areas are local to you. This can help you get the most out of your coverage and could save you some time on repairs if there are local repair shops nearby.

How to Claim a Warranty on Frigidaire Ice Makers

What do you do when you need to file a claim with the provided warranty? First, it is always going to be easier if the appliance is already registered. This makes it easier to contact support. 

However, if you don’t have it registered, you can simply look up the model of your appliance and the serial numbers associated with it. 

To file a claim with your warranty you need to do these steps:

  • Register your appliance, have the receipt ready or notify the repair services within a set time frame. 
  • Contact the claims center. This can be done by phone or online chat.
  • Make sure to speak with an agent about what your appliance warranty covers and if the repair will cost anything. 
  • Get an authorized claim form that shows it was claimed, filed, and approved for coverage. 
  • Then schedule your appointment for repairs. 

This should help provide you with the necessary information for your warranty and filing a claim. Talking with an agent can also help regarding payments for any appliance repairs not covered. 

Warranties from Different Vendors for Frigidaire Countertop Ice Maker

The fun part about warranties is where you purchase the extended warranty. In some cases, the repairs and coverage may be different. Not only that but the prices and how long the extended warranties are for. 

In the table below are some comparisons between each retailer for warranties:

FrigidaireLowesAmazonBest Buy
-Certified replacement parts with repairs
-No unexpected repair bills
-30% money back if you don’t use the service
-50% back on items that keep the appliance running
-$300 in food loss(refrigerator or freezer)
-Quick repairs
-Different appliance warranties are available
-Each warranty has its own protection and coverage so you can choose what suits your needs.
-Provides coverage outside of the manufacturer’s warranty
-The cost of repair and parts can be covered 
-Cleaning and maintenance can be covered

Each extended warranty varies based on where you purchase your Frigidaire ice maker. There are benefits to purchasing as each retailer. For instance, Amazon has multiple warranties that you can choose from based on the needs and coverage you are looking for in a warranty.


Some warranties are included with your Frigidaire ice maker that automatically come with your appliance. These are generally for a year and you should also have options to choose from on an extended warranty. 

These extended warranties are great as added coverage because sometimes the manufacturer’s warranty may not cover the entire cost of a repair. 

It is always a great thing to remember the next time you purchase a Frigidaire countertop ice maker or any appliance.