Air fryers are a great way to make fun, interesting recipes without frying everything in an unhealthy amount of oil. Still, sometimes there can be issues that arise.

If your Power XL air fryer is beeping at you, there can be a few reasons for this. 

  • Standard operations 
  • Being plugged in for a long time
  • Issue with thermal fuse
  • Loose component 

We are going to explore each of these reasons so you might come closer to understanding the reasons behind the beeping. 

Beeping for Standard Operations

Like your washer and dryer or any appliance, your air fryer is made to give a warning beep if anything is happening. 

As annoying as it may sound, your Power XL air fryer may be just beeping at you because your food has finished frying. 

Just like your microwave may beep at you when the timer is done to remind you that you have food inside, your air fryer will do the same. 

It will keep beeping to remind you to take out the food. 

This might be annoying, especially when trying to figure out the exact temperature and time to cook something for a new recipe.

Keeping your Air Fryer plugged in

When your Power XL air fryer is plugged in for a long time with no use, it will end up beeping at you. 

Now, while this won’t happen if your air fryer is turned off, it will beep at you if it is turned on and not in use. 

This is to remind you that it is sitting idle and waiting for you to choose a cooking method. Once you choose a cooking method or turn off the air fryer, this beeping should stop.

Thermal Issues

There are two ways you could have thermal issues with your Power XL air fryer: your thermal fuse could be blown, or there are issues with your fan. 

Let’s look at both and see the reasons for both.

Thermal FuseAbnormal build-up of heat 
Fuse “blew” and shut off power
Look into replacing the fuse.
Look into what caused the temperature build-up in the first place. 
Air Fryer Fan Damage to fan
Something clogging the fan
Check for error codes
Clean your fan 
Check for blockage 

Let’s take a look into each of these in more detail.

Issues with Thermal Fuse

The rising of heat, while normal when trying to air fry anything, can be an issue if there is too much heat. 

Your fuse is there to make sure not too much heat is being built up in your Power XL air fryer, causing damage to internal parts. 

So, like when your house “blows a fuse,” your air fryer can do the same. This is a good thing. It means that the safety measures in your air fryer are working. 

Of course, when it happens, you want to get it checked out to see what might have caused this heat fluctuation in the first place and get that fuse replaced. 

Your air fryer should give you an error code if there is too much heat or too low heat. According to the manual, it should be E1 or E2. 

Try turning it off and giving it some time away from electricity before proceeding. 

Air Fryer Fan Issues

Once again, heat can be an issue when cooking in an air fryer. 

We don’t always think about cleaning our air fryer as often as we should, but one place that needs it is the fan.

The fan on your Power XL air fryer ensures that heat is released, so no build-up occurs, and the fuse isn’t blown or parts melted. 

First check to ensure nothing is blocking the fan, like a piece of parchment paper. This can be from sitting on a cloth or any other item that might plug up the fan.

You then want to check to make sure that the fan is clean of all dust and debris. 

You can do this by unscrewing and cleaning the vents or getting an electronic air cleaner from Amazon or your local hardware store. 

This is a difficult issue to determine simply because the air fryer fan is already pretty loud, and without an error code, it’s hard to determine fault. 

Loose Components

The final reason your Power XL Air Fryer could be making a lot of beeping could be because of a loose component inside your air fryer. 

Loose components can come with a variety of issues. Sometimes it will be beeping noises that don’t stop or a total malfunction. 

Loose components could be caused by some things, including traveling with your air fryer.

If you suspect that there might be a loose component inside the air fryer, stop using it immediately. Let it cool down and unplug it. 

Take it to get repaired or call Customer Service. Attempting to open it up and fix the issue can void the warranty if you have one. 

You can also cause damage to yourself or the fryer. 

Why is your Power XL Air Fryer Beeping?

There could be several issues with why your air fryer is beeping. From the normal functions of the fryer to error codes, the air fryer is complex.

Check first whether it is a normal function of the fryer or not. Ultimately, the best way to stop the beeping is to turn off or unplug your fryer. 

But remember: Always check to see if there is an issue. This can save you time, money, and your air fryer.