The Etekcity kitchen scale is a fantastic resource for any cooking enthusiast. This device is great when it is working, but if it isn’t, you may find yourself asking, what does C mean on my scale?

When a user sees the letter C on the Etekcity scale LCD screen, the scale is overweight and can no longer provide a reading. This is because each Etekcity scale has a maximum amount of weight it can handle before it malfunctions.

Understanding the limitations of your Etekcity kitchen scale is important. Not only does it help you prepare better meals, but it also helps keep the scale calibrated. Below we will cover how much weight each Etekcity scale can hold and troubleshooting tips.

Keeping Weight in Mind

Before using your Etekcity scale in the kitchen, it is important to understand its limitations. Kitchen scales are not meant to weigh heavy foods or too much at once. 

Below we have outlined the weight capacity for each scale to help you determine your limits.

Etekcity Scale ModelWeight Limit

Each scale is similar when it comes to weight capacity, with the exception of the EKS-L221-SUS. 

Those using any of the other models should keep in mind that they can only handle up to 11lbs, or the scale may malfunction.

Weighing Your Odds

Sometimes, when we go to use the Etekcity kitchen scale, it can malfunction. This is because, just like any piece of technology, problems occur. 

When this is the case, you may find yourself with an error message, such as the letter C, on the LCD screen. 

The error codes on the screen are meant to help you troubleshoot the problem. Keep reading to discover some of the best troubleshooting tips to help you get your scale issues resolved.

Faulty Power

Your Etekcity scale may be experiencing battery issues due to low or dead batteries. In this case, the LCD screen on the front of the scale will display an error message indicating C. 

A new set of batteries should be obtained when this occurs.

The majority of Etekcity kitchen scales require AAA batteries. Replace the old batteries with the new ones by opening the battery compartment on the bottom of the scale. The best results will be achieved by paying attention to both positive and negative polarity signs.

Too Much Weight

Another reason why you could be seeing a C prompt on the scale is that there is too much weight on the scale itself. 

Kitchen scales are not meant to weigh large bags of potatoes or stock pots of soup.

Try removing some of the food from the scale to see if it brings the weight down enough to get a reading. If you still have more food to weigh, try weighing it in batches. 

This will help prevent the overweight error message and still keep your count accurate.

Calibration Issues

Kitchen scales manufactured by Etekcity are typically calibrated during manufacturing. In this way, all users will have access to an accurate, high-quality scale

Sometimes, something can go wrong during the manufacturing process and cause the scale to lose its calibration.

In the event that you have a scale with a bad calibration, the error message C may appear because the scale is not properly reading the weight. 

In this situation, you should contact customer support for assistance.

Faulty Hardware

It is also possible that the hardware itself is the problem. Occasionally, kitchen scales are knocked off counters or damaged in other ways. 

Even the sturdiest scales can be damaged by this type of accident.

Make sure your Etekcity scale does not have any hardware damage. Ensure that the LCD screen is not cracked or broken or that there is no other type of damage similar to this. 

It may be necessary to purchase a new one from Amazon if you find any. 

Normal wear and tear are not covered by the Etekcity warranty.

Perform a Reset

In addition; a natural software error may cause the scale to act up or freeze on the C screen. It is best to reset the Etekcity scale to resolve this issue. Typically, this will resolve the issue.

Resetting the scale is as simple as removing the batteries from the battery compartment. After a few moments, replace the batteries in the scale. 

It should now be fully reset and working properly.

An Ideal Weight

It is important to use the Etekcity kitchen scale properly in order to achieve positive results. Whether you are weighing grains, vegetables, or meat, ensure that you are aware of the amount of food on the scale. Your scale will provide the best results if you maintain a reasonable weight.