Keeping fit is a great way to maintain good health and a good mood. If you are on an exercise or diet plan, tracking your progress will keep you motivated and help you adjust your routine for optimum results. The digital Etekcity scale is a convenient way to keep tabs on your weight and body composition.

Your Etekcity scale might malfunction if its batteries are:

  • Low on power
  • Loosely connected
  • There is corrosion between the terminals

If your LED display is not clear, check the battery connection. Even after replacing the battery, the light does not come on a broken scale.

If your Etekcity scale is malfunctioning, you can try a few things to fix the error. Read on to find out how to work your scale in no time.

Why Is My Etekcity Scale Not Turning On?

It can be hard to track your health and weight when your scale won’t turn on.

The most common reasons your scale is not turning on include:

  • Dead batteries or a faulty connection in the terminals. 
  • If you keep your Etekcity scale in the bathroom, moisture can get in and cause rust in the metal components.
  • Corrosion can occur when batteries stay too long in their compartment.

You should calibrate your scale if you get inconsistent readings on your digital scale. Ensure you place your scale on a dry, flat surface to avoid tipping. Check for water damage and the battery connection if the display numbers are unclear.

You can fix most of the errors on your scale with little effort. Let us look at how to troubleshoot your scale.

How Do I Fix My Etekcity Scale?

A malfunction scale can be frustrating and disrupt your daily progress report. Here are a few fixes you can try.

Replace Your Batteries

The first thing you should check is the power connection in your scale. Ensure that the batteries are put in the right way in the proper contacts and replace them if they are low or dead.

To replace the batteries:

  1. Remove the battery compartment on the back of the scale and take out the old batteries.
  2. Place the new batteries and confirm that they are in the correct polarity.
  3. Fix the compartment cover in place.

You may need to recalibrate the scale after replacing the batteries. Ensure that you do not mix old and new batteries. If your scale does not automatically turn on or you get an error, reset your scale by removing the batteries and returning them after 45 seconds. If you notice any corrosion or dirt on the battery terminals, you can clean them with a soft brush and wipe them with a paper towel.

Recalibrate Your Scale

If you do not calibrate your Etekcity scale for a while, you might get inaccurate readings, or your scale might malfunction. In addition, storing your scale upside down leads to incorrect results.

To recalibrate your scale:

  1. Place your scale on a dry, hard, and even surface.
  2. Carefully put one foot on the scale and wait until the display light turns on before stepping off.
  3. The calibration is successful when the display reads 0.0.

You can prevent inaccurate readings by storing your scale in a horizontal position and handling it carefully. Always place your scale on a hard, firm surface before taking measurements. Additionally, do not stand on the scale for a long time or place objects on the scale to avoid damaging it.

How Do I Troubleshoot My Etekcity Scale?

Your Etekcity weight scale might display some codes that indicate a problem. 

Let us look at some common messages that you might find and how to resolve them:

  • Err – this indicates that you have exceeded the maximum weight capacity or not reached the minimum weight requirement. You should step off the scale to clear the error.
  • Lo – your battery is low, and you should replace the batteries.
  • C – you should calibrate your scale.

If your display is not working properly, it could be due to water damage. Keep your scale on a dry surface and use a damp cloth to avoid moisture getting in. Avoid using cleaning chemicals and liquids inside the scale.

Tips to Maintain Your Scale

Your Etekcity scale comprises a glass component making it delicate. 

Follow these tips to enhance the efficiency of your scale and for your safety:

  • Ensure that you place the scale on a dry flat surface and keep the glass platform dry to avoid slipping.
  • Handle the scale carefully and avoid dropping it or striking it against the floor.
  • Stand on the center of the scale. Do not jump on it or stand on the edge to avoid breaking the glass.

You should consider replacing your scale if you repeatedly get inconsistent, unsteady readings and the numbers are not well displayed on the screen. Contact customer support if a recalibration or reset does not solve the issue.


A personal digital weighing scale is a simple way to monitor your fitness progress effectively. To ensure accurate measurements, properly maintain your scale as discussed above. Additionally, if you suspect your Etekcity scale is damaged, contact customer support.